Don’t miss your copy of “The Music Parent’s Guide” in your child’s band folder this Fall!

Teachers give parents information in a variety of ways. They send periodic emails with important details and they give flyers to students. Please check your child’s band folder and book bag. If you didn’t see an email, please check your spam folder.

We expect 4-5 days a week for roughly 75-100 minutes a week.  Older students should practice enough to be prepared weekly and accomplish their individual goals.

Each week, your child’s teacher will circle and date which songs your child learned, and list those songs on the practice record in the back of the lesson book.  Your child should practice each song 3-5 days a week to be well prepared for the next class.  The more they practice, the more they can perfect each song!

Talk to your child about the commitment they have made and the importance to stick it out.  Your child’s experience in band should be complete and that includes all events, concerts, and very often an end of year party.  Once they experience everything you will be able to make a more informed decision for your child’s participation in future years”

Our main band method book is Essential Elements and our main piano book is Music For Little Mozarts.

You may find their email on our Teachers page. Also, all teachers have included their email in the letter given to your child and the emails they send to you.

Please contact your teacher to see if we can work out a solution.

For each day your child plays their assigned songs 3 times they can mark off a day (check mark, small sticker, smiley face, it’s up to you).  It doesn’t matter which day(s) they practice, just that they do.  So the first day they practice (whether it be the same day of the lesson or 3 days later) goes in Day 1, the second time is Day 2, etc.  The night before the lesson, initial their practice chart and get their books in their backpack so they are prepared for the next day’s class.

Most children who learn piano with Band For Today will have two books.  The first book is the lesson book.  This book has all the lessons, songs, and practice chart and your child should use this to practice at home regularly.
The second book is a workbook or theory book (depending on what series your teacher uses) and has written/coloring assignments as an application of the concepts they learned in the lesson book. This book is primarily used in class and you rarely will receive assignments from this book for homework.
Please send your child class with all their books and any other supplemental materials the teacher assigns so your child can have a more enjoyable experience each week.

Credit Cards are automatically run once a month. Most schools are on the 15th of the month. You can email us at if you’re unsure.

If it’s a BFT rental, please send a note to your teacher. We strive to have a loaner or swap within a week of your next lesson. If you rented somewhere else, please call that rental provider. If it’s your own, please check surrounding areas for musical instrument repair. In some areas, BFT has qualified repairpersonnel they can recommend.

We only accept checks for full year payments not installments. You will still need to register online. You should call the office at 630-420-8556 for instructions. You should not bring a check or any money to school. 

Depending upon the area you live in, there could be additional outside events. Band For Today or your teacher will be emailing information regarding these events. Everyone gets a chance to perform the Star Spangled Banner in May for the Kane County Cougars Baseball Team. 2nd year students and above get to play at the Chicago Wolves at the Allstate Arena in January. We have our annual solo contest in February and selected students will have the opportunity to participate in our Honor Band.

Please contact our office at 630-420-8556, add to your address book, and double check your spam folder.
Please email your teacher to find out any missed assignments or what your child should be practicing.

Make it part of their daily homework. Just like you won’t let your child miss their math worksheet or book report you need to make practicing a priority, even if it is on 5 or 10 minutes some days.

Though we put a lot of value in the education and process of preparing the music and the discipline it takes, the concert is still very important. Your child’s band is not at its best when they aren’t there and it will impact the performance. Your child’s classmates are counting on them just like your child would want them at the concert as well.

Yes. They should be practicing their assignments. There is a practice record in the piano book. If you don’t have a keyboard or piano, you can check your local music store or Amazon.