Four Easy Ways You Can Get More Out of Practice

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practice1Find A Good Quiet Place To Practice

In practicing, it is as important to think abut what you are doing as it is to do it. That’s why you should find a spot such as a bedroom where you won’t be disturbed during your regular practice time.

Get Music Supplies Promptly

Some instruments won’t play at all without certain accessories such as reeds, and you can’t play well with one that’s worn out.

So make sure your instrument is always ready to use. And if you don’t have a copy of the music assigned for practice, you will fall behind just as you would in another subject without a text or workbook.

Make Your Own Practice Schedule

Practice is the band’s homework and deserves the same attention. If you fall behind, it becomes harder to catch up. A good trick for avoiding this is to pick a special time during the afternoon or evening, and use this time for daily practice until it becomes a habit.

Always Practice With A Music Stand

This one detail can speed your progress in three different ways! If you stand up, with your music on a rack, you will improve your posture, read your music better, breathe easier, and work your instrument more quickly.