A Rationale for Music Education

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einstein_musicWhy should music be included as a basic part of the curriculum?

Music is worth knowing.

Music is one of the most important manifestations of our cultural heritage.  Children need to know about Newton and Einstein.

Music is a potential in every individual that, like all potential, should be developed to its fullest.

Music provides an outlet for creativity, self-expression, and individual uniqueness.  It enables us to express our noblest thoughts and feelings.

Music teaches students about unique aspects of their relationships with other human beings and with the world around them, in their own and other cultures.

Music opens avenues of success for students who may have problems in other areas of the curriculum and opens approaches to learning that can be applied on other contexts.

Studying music increases the satisfaction students derive from music by sharpening sensitivity, raising their level of appreciation, and expanding their musical horizons.

Music is one of the most powerful and profound symbol systems that exists.

Music helps students learn a significant lesson – that not all aspects of life are quantifiable.

Music exalts the human spirit.