Giving your child music lessons is one of the best things you can do for them. Music is a gift that will last throughout their lives.

Band For Today has been providing schools with band and piano programs for 33 years with classes held right at school.

Our caring teachers will give your child a great experience through music and this is the easiest and most convenient way to give your child the gift of music.

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An Enriched Life for Your Child Through Music

An Enriched Life for Your Child Through Music

AN ENRICHED LIFE FOR YOUR CHILD THROUGH MUSIC Just listening to music is fun, and yet it’s even more fun to create. There is a simple joy in experimenting with an instrument, in playing real notes and melodies, and in performing as part of band or orchestra. And, your child will know the pleasure and ...

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Concert Etiquette? What is that?

Being a musician requires practice. Being a great musician requires LOTS of practice. As adults we recognize the fact that good manners dictate that we respect the hard work and time that a performer has put in to prepare the performance we are watching. For younger students this intrinsic respect for the performer may not ...

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Music Enhances Mental Power

Music Enhances Mental Power

MIND AND MUSIC New Studies Suggest Music Enhances Mental Power Mozart’s music can raise your IQ… at least temporarily, according to research published in the British science journal Nature. Thirty six college students listened to 10 minutes of Mozart’s Sonata in D Major for Two Pianos, 10 minutes of a relaxation tape and 10 minutes ...

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