Overview and History of the Trombone

TromboneThe fundamental concept of the trombone has remained unchanged for centuries. It produces an extremely full sound and in the hands of a skilled player is considered the most powerful instrument in the orchestra. The trombone is unique in that it uses a tuning slide in order to reach different tones, instead of keys or valves. This fact enables the famous trombone ‘slide’ sound, and also allows players to hit certain ‘blue notes’ often associated with blues and jazz. The trombone is part of the heart and soul of the big band, and is also featured in many different pop styles as both a supporting and solo instrument.

Check out the videos below on how to assemble, care for and play your trombone!

  • Introduction to the trombone
  • Slide positions for the trombone
  • How to breathe when playing the trombone
  • How to produce a proper embouchure for the trombone
  • How to warm-up on the trombone

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