Solo Contest FAQs

What is Solo Contest?

Solo Contest is an opportunity for your child to study, practice and perform a piece of music on their own. They play their music before a judge (music educator) who gives them a score based on musical criteria such as rhythm, pitch, dynamics, etc.

Do I have to play before a bunch of people?

Students do no play before a large audience. Most students invite their parents and family to listen to them perform their solo. If they are nervous, they may request to play the solo alone.

Is this a competitive event?

Students do not compete against one another. Students are competing against themselves to achieve their personal best. Every student receives an award for participating in the Solo Contest.

Is my beginning band student ready for solo contest?

Yes! All beginning band students receive a solo that we practice and learn together in class. Preparing for solo contest motivates students to practice and helps them become better musicians.

What are some other reasons for my child to participate in Solo Contest?

There are many musical benefits to participating in Solo Contest. There are also many benefits that support your child’s growth and development as a person. Solo Contest helps to instill in your child the value of hard work and a sense of pride. It also builds self-discipline, self-confidence and self-respect in your child’s life. This is a common goal for teachers and parents alike.

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