Overview and History of the Saxophone


The saxophone was invented approximately in 1842 by Adolph Sax. The first saxophones were played in Paris at that time and were intended to be a part of the classical orchestra. Striving for a combination of both the beauty of the violin and strength of the brass section, the sax failed to find its place in the modern orchestra. It was the jazz musicians of the 1920s and ’30s who were finally able to put the sax in its rightful place. Sidney Bechet and Coleman Hawkins were among the first of that era to bring popularity to this beautiful instrument. Since the jazz age, the saxophone has been an important part of all the major western styles of music from jazz to blues to rock and pop.

Check out the videos below on how to assemble, care for and play your saxophone!

  • How to assemble a saxophone
  • Breathing techniques for the saxophone
  • How to form the correct embouchure
  • How to tongue on the saxophone
  • How to disassemble your saxophone
  • How to take care of your saxophone

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