Band For Today recruiting is done in three parts:

1. Instrument Demonstration

Our demonstration is designed to give students an overview of the band program and a detailed view of the instruments available to them. Each instrument is assembled, and demonstrated to all students in a group setting. On each instrument we discuss assembly, the production of sound, size and then play the instruments. Students are informed that they will each get a chance to try two instruments of their choice. By demonstrating first, students can make a better decision on instruments picked for trying. After the demonstration, they now know what a particular instrument sounds like, how it is assembled, how big it is and what it takes to produce a sound.

2. Instrument Matching

After our demonstration, students are now given a choice of two instruments to try. Band directors work with each student to help facilitate the testing process. We are striving for a student to produce a quality sound on an instrument in hopes of students choosing an instrument that fits their physical characteristics along with our rccomandation. Without testing, a student may chose to play an instrument that isn’t physically right for them. Consequently they may struggle and lose interest. We strive to have each child pick and instrument that feels good for them. Students may not receive their first choice in order to ensure a balanced and.

3. Parent Sign-Up

Parents can attend a band sign up at their school or may chose to register by phone. In either case, questions can be answered at the time of sign up.

Throughout the recruiting process, flyers and letters are sent home with each child giving parents information they need regarding the program.

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