Practice Tip: Schedule It!

I started running this summer. It was warm, my schedule was lighter, the days were longer… but I knew the school year was coming. What was I going to do to continue my progress once it got cold, the days got shorter, my schedule got much more full? SCHEDULE IT! I knew that if I waited until I was done with all the things I wanted to accomplish each week to run, it would never happen.

Think of your child’s practice in the same way. They have many responsibilities taking time in their lives, and they also are kids, who should have down time and FUN! So, how to make practice happen each week? SCHEDULE IT! Plan practice time with your child. It will help them to know when they should expect to practice each week and reduce stress at trying to squeeze practice in at the last minute.

Scheduling practice sessions into your child’s schedule with them has many benefits. It will help them to share responsibility in planning practice time. It can allow time for you to sit down and enjoy hearing them practice (even beginners LOVE an audience.) You can be an active participant in their learning! It also allows you a chance to reward them for accomplishing their practice goals, and every parent and teacher knows the power of positive reinforcement.

You are one of the keys to your child’s success! Help them find the time to practice. Remember, your band teachers are here to help you if you need some other practice ideas. Keep watching for our monthly “Practice Tips” on the Band for Today website.

Best Wishes!

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