Overview and History of the Drums

SnareOut of all the modern day instruments, none has a longer history than the drum. The drums are known to have existed since 6000 BC from all over the world. The first drum sets were put together in the late 1800s sometime after the invention of the bass drum pedal. This invention made it possible for one person to play several percussion instruments (snare drum, bass drum, and cymbals) at one time. The set developed as it was used to accompany jazz musicians in New Orleans during the 1920s. Since that time the drums have served as the driving force behind such music as jazz, blues, R & B, rock, and modern pop music.

Check out the videos below on how to set up, grip your sticks and play your snare drum! To view a video, click on the link below. A video window will open. Please allow 1 minute for the video to load.

Also, you can watch three more snare drum lessons and a bass drum, triangle and cymbal lesson below.

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