Overview and History of the Flute

The flute is the oldest of the woodwinds dating back 800 years in Western Europe and North America. It is also unique because it is the only non-reed woodwind instrument. By the 17th and 18th centuries, the flute became a standard classical instrument through such composers as Vivaldi, Mozart, Brahms, and other famous composers of that era. The flute came into its… Click here to continue reading.


Overview and History of the Clarinet

Johann Christoph Denner invented the clarinet around 1690. The clarinet is a single-reed woodwind instrument with a cylindrical tube. The clarinet evolved from an earlier instrument called the chalumeau, the first true single reed instrument. It is also the foundation of the modern woodwind family which includes both the saxophone and flute. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johannes Brahms brought clarinet to its… Click here to continue reading.


Overview and History of the Saxophone

The saxophone was invented approximately in 1842 by Adolph Sax. The first saxophones were played in Paris at that time and were intended to be a part of the classical orchestra. Striving for a combination of both the beauty of the violin and strength of the brass section, the sax failed to find its place in the modern orchestra. It was the… Click here to continue reading.


History and Overview of the Trumpet

The trumpet is an ancient instrument that was initially used to send signals across great distances. Many developments over the years led to a very good sounding baroque trumpet and eventually the modern valve trumpet, which was developed in the early 19th century. Even with these changes, the trumpet has retained its ‘soul’ as an instrument of power, glory, and grandeur. These… Click here to continue reading.


Overview and History of the Trombone
The fundamental concept of the trombone has remained unchanged for centuries. It produces an extremely full sound and in the hands of a skilled player is considered the most powerful instrument in the orchestra. The trombone is unique in that it uses a tuning slide in order to reach different tones, instead of keys or valves. This fact enables the famous trombone ‘slide’ sound… Click here to continue reading.


Overview and History of the Drums
Out of all the modern day instruments, none has a longer history than the drum. The drums are known to have existed since 6000 BC from all over the world. The first drum sets were put together in the late 1800s sometime after the invention of the bass drum pedal. This invention made it possible for one person to play several percussion instruments (snare… Click here to continue reading.


Overview and History of Piano
The piano is still one of the most diverse instruments today. Technically a percussive instrument, the piano is incredibly melodic and beautiful in sound. An all encompassing instrument that has been a major part of every musical movement since its invention in 1780, new and veteran players alike benefit by being able to accompany themselves in the style of their choosing.

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