Band For Today has been providing area schools with band and piano programs for twenty five years. Band For Today teachers have instructed more than twenty thousand students during that time. We offer schools a full range of music education services including band lessons, concerts, solo contests, honors ensembles, field trips, and… Click here to continue reading.

Why Do We Teach Music?

Why do we teach music?
Not because we expect you to major in music,
Not because we expect you to play or sing all your life,
Not so you can relax,
Not so you can have fun,

But – so you will be human,
So you will recognize beauty.
So you will be sensitive,
So you will have something to cling to,
So you will have more love,
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Why Learn Music?

Music is a science
It is exact, specific: and it demands exact acoustics. A conductor’s full score is a chart, a graph which indicates frequencies, intensities, volume changes, melody and harmony all at once with the most exact control of time.

Music is mathematical
It is rhythmically based on the subdivisions of time into fractions which must be done instantaneously, not worked out on paper.

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Overview and History of the Saxophone

The saxophone was invented approximately in 1842 by Adolph Sax. The first saxophones were played in Paris at that time and were intended to be a part of the classical orchestra. Striving for a combination of both the beauty of the violin and strength of the brass section, the sax failed to find its place in the modern orchestra. It was the… Click here to continue reading.