Band For Today has been providing area schools with band and piano programs for twenty five years. Band For Today teachers have instructed more than twenty thousand students during that time. We offer schools a full range of music education services including band lessons, concerts, solo contests, honors ensembles, field trips, and… Click here to continue reading.

Five Tips for Better Practice

Like athletes, musicians need to warm up the muscles they’ll be using. Start slowly with long tones such as whole and half notes. This will help get your mind and body focused and ready to go on.

These goals should be based on what your teacher assigned: for example, “today I’m going to improve that hard part in my band music” or “today… Click here to continue reading.

10 Tips For Learning Piano

Ten tips for helping your child be successful in learning to play the piano:

1.  The study of piano increases a child’s imagination through musical self-expression and increases self-discipline and concentration.

2. Create a suitable learning environment away from distractions, such as TV and cell phones. Create piano time to open the door to musical exploration.

3. Choose a piano teacher based on qualifications and referrals, not… Click here to continue reading.


Overview and History of Piano
The piano is still one of the most diverse instruments today. Technically a percussive instrument, the piano is incredibly melodic and beautiful in sound. An all encompassing instrument that has been a major part of every musical movement since its invention in 1780, new and veteran players alike benefit by being able to accompany themselves in the style of their choosing.

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