Band For Today has been providing area schools with band and piano programs for twenty five years. Band For Today teachers have instructed more than twenty thousand students during that time. We offer schools a full range of music education services including band lessons, concerts, solo contests, honors ensembles, field trips, and… Click here to continue reading.

Twelve Practice Tips From Wynton Marsalis

Everyone has to practice, even the pro’s. Here are twelve practice tips from legendary trumpet player Wynton Marsalis:

Seek instruction
Make a schedule
Set and track your goals Click here to continue reading.

Why Am I Paying This Money?

Let’s Face It. There are more important things to teach kids in school these days than music, right? Let’s just teach them the basics… Math, Science, Reading. They can get their music from CD’s and MTV. Did those opening sentences alarm you? Well, that’s the mindset of many these days with school budgets being slashed and all of us feeling the pinch of lean economic times. Do children really NEED… Click here to continue reading.


History and Overview of the Trumpet

The trumpet is an ancient instrument that was initially used to send signals across great distances. Many developments over the years led to a very good sounding baroque trumpet and eventually the modern valve trumpet, which was developed in the early 19th century. Even with these changes, the trumpet has retained its ‘soul’ as an instrument of power, glory, and grandeur. These… Click here to continue reading.